next week on bleach
rangiku: what should we do taicho
hitsugaya: BRAAAAAAINS

Thing I realized about Team 8:
Kiba=4 letters
Shino=5 letters
Hinata=6 letters
Kurenai=7 letters

four five six seven EIGHT

I guess im not one to talk about character development though, my favorite character has more screen time than tenten and that’s about it

He’s never lost a fight tho

By the way, totally hate that obito redeemed himself. Dude did a lot of fucked up shit and didn’t deserve to be praised. I’m with zetsu on this one, folks

all obito ever really cared about was rin tho

sure Naruto gave him that whole talk about having friends and shit but throughout his entire existence in the series everything came back to rin because obito is that one dimensional as a character

at least he was in kishi’s eyes

but without hitsugaya who’s going to ignore momo’s personal trauma and make it all about him

captain rangiku tho

If anyone is sick of my dead hitsugaya jokes, too bad cause I’ve got a lot more where that came from


let’s forget about hitsugaya and focus on every other character on the show that’s 100x more intresting

The 4th Division arrives on the scene to treat Hitsugaya’s wounds. Isane feels his corpse.

"It’s no use. He’s cold."